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Types of Disposable contact lenses

EYESONLINE stocks leading brands of disposable contact lenses at the best prices. We have a huge range of disposable contact lenses available for purchase through our online store.

Thanks to our lowest price guarantee, we promise you’ll never pay more for your contact lenses when you buy from EYESONLINE. Not only that, we’ll deliver your order for free, anywhere in Australia, if you spend over $115.

Disposable contact lenses with EYESONLINE

You can buy disposable contact lenses online with the click of a button! And if you create a free account, reordering is even easier. You can set-up an automatic recurring order, and we’ll send out your next batch of contact lenses when you’re running out.

We stock the best brands—and contact lenses are available in daily, weekly, fortnightly, and monthly disposables.

Brands of disposable contact lenses

Alcon Dailies Aquacomfort Plus disposable contact lenses

At EYESONLINE, we stock the best brands of disposable contact lenses, including:

Daily disposable contact lenses

EYESONLINE have a huge range of daily disposable contact lenses available for purchase from our online store. These are commonly called ‘dailies’ and are available in multifocals, progressives, and special lenses for astigmatism and presbyopia.

Some of our dailies include:

Many more daily disposable contact lenses are available in the EYESONINE store, just look for ‘dailies’.

Weekly disposable contact lenses

We sell weekly disposable contact lenses, such as:

Fortnightly disposable contact lenses

We also sell fortnightly disposable contact lenses, including:

Monthly disposable contact lenses

Disposable contact lenses are also available in monthly lenses, including:

Benefits of disposable contact lenses

There are many benefits to choosing disposable contact lenses, but make sure you choose the type of contact lenses that will best suit you in consultation with your optometrist.

These days, many people prefer to wear daily disposable contact lenses for eye health reasons, to save time on things like lens cleaning, and save money on lens-cleaning products.

Read more about the benefits of daily disposable contact lenses in our blog.