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Why choose daily disposable contact lenses?

Contact lens wearers now have the option to replace their contact lenses every month, every few weeks, or even every day. That’s right, in our EYESONLINE store we sell daily disposable contact lenses, such as Focus Dailies by Alcon Focus. You wear a fresh pair every day and then throw them out before you go to bed. So why choose daily disposable contact lenses? Well, as you’ll discover, daily disposables (or ‘dailies’ as they’re often called) offer you a number of benefits.

Benefits of daily disposable contact lenses

People often worry that switching to dailies will cost a lot more money, and think that throwing out contact lenses every day seems like a bit of a waste. But the reality is that using daily contact lenses may not cost you any more than using other contact lenses, and they will actually save you time, effort and potentially even sick days at work! Why choose daily disposable contact lenses?

Eye health

Put simply, the more often you replace your contact lenses, the more healthy and comfortable your eyes will be. Using daily disposable contact lenses will reduce your chances of getting an eye infection or an allergic reaction, taking sick days off work and needing to visit a doctor. As you don’t wear them when you sleep, you also reduce the risk of issues caused by nighttime wear of contact lenses.

No lens cleaning—ever

No more lens cleaning, sterilisation, or fiddling around with a case and lens cleaning solution. With daily disposable lenses, you simply remove them before you go to bed and throw them out. They’re quick, easy to use and, in terms of sight correction, they do the same job as most other contact lenses.

Save money on lens-care products

A month’s supply of daily disposable contact lenses will cost more than other contact lenses simply because you’ll need two for each day of the month. However, many users of dailies find that this extra cost is offset by the fact that they never have to buy lens care products again, such as storage cases and lens cleaning solution.

Save time

With dailies the endless contact lens routine of cleaning, sterilising and storing is gone! If you find that there simply isn’t enough time in your day, you’re better off switching to daily disposables rather than skipping important steps in your lens hygiene routine.

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