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What causes eye strain and eye fatigue?

Eye strain and eye fatigue have, unfortunately, become a very common problem in modern-day life. With more and more people working long hours staring at a computer screen (and when they’re not staring at a computer screen, staring at a smartphone or a TV) our eyes are under increasing pressure to handle the huge workload.

The amount of strain you put on your eyes is determined by factors such as the: Eye strain and eye fatigue

  • time spent doing an activity that requires concentration
  • amount of available light (especially when light is too bright or too dark)
  • quality of your eyesight (whether you need glasses or contact lenses).

Causes of eye strain and fatigue

A primary cause of eye strain and fatigue is long hours of computer-based work. But, also, extended use of smartphones and video games can also have the same affect on your eyes.

In essence, any activity that requires you to use your eyes for a long period of time in a similar focal range can cause problems. These activities include:

  • reading (a book or a computer screen)
  • writing (on paper or on a computer)
  • driving a car.

Digital devices and less blinking

Studies have shows that when we look at digital devices such as computer screens and smartphones we actually blink less frequently than when we look at a book or out a window at natural scenery. This reduced amount of blinking means our eyes are not being lubricated as often, and this can lead to dry, irritated and red eyes.

Signs and symptoms of eye strain and fatigue

Signs that your eyes are under excess strain or have become fatigued include 1 or more of the following:

  • irritated or sore eyes
  • itching eyes
  • burning, red eyes
  • trouble focusing
  • dry eyes
  • watery eyes
  • blurred vision
  • double vision
  • extra sensitivity to light
  • pain in your shoulders, back and/or neck
  • headaches.

Get your eyes tested

If you are experiencing symptoms of eye strain and eye fatigue, you should get your eyes tested by an optometrist.

Especially if you have increased the amount of computer-work you do in recent years, your vision may have changed or started to deteriorate and could benefit from vision correction.

By simply wearing reading glasses or contact lenses you can dramatically reduce the stress and strain on your eyes and eliminate many symptoms of fatigue.

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