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Coloured contact lenses for dark eyes

EYESONLINE has coloured contact lenses for light and dark eyes in colours such as blue, green, hazel and grey. Coloured contact lenses are great if you want to change your normal eye colour on a daily basis, or as a one-off for a special event like a fancy dress party.

EYESONLINE sells prescription and plano coloured contact lenses:

  • Prescription contact lenses—used to correct eyesight conditions such as myopia (short-sightedness), hyperopia (long-sightedness) or astigmatism
  • Plano contact lenses—the lens has no corrective power and are purely for cosmetic purposes.

Coloured contact lenses for dark eyes

Prescriptions for coloured contact lenses

Prescription contact lenses

If you have an eyesight issue that requires you currently wear contact lenses, then you will need the same prescription details to purchase your coloured contact lenses. However, if you have a prescription for glasses, you may require a different prescription for coloured contact lenses. Speak to your optometrist first and find out if you will need a separate eye exam and prescription.

Plano contact lenses

If you want to wear plano contact lenses for purely cosmetic purposes (no lens magnification), you will still require an eye exam and prescription. This is because lens ‘fitting’ is also very important. If the shape of the contact lens is too big for your eye it will be uncomfortable, could make your vision blurry and the contact lenses could even fall out your eyes. If the contact lens is too small for your eye they may cause eye damage over time.

An optometrist can also show you how to insert and remove contact lenses correctly, when you should and shouldn’t wear them, and how to avoid any damage to your eyes. So even though you might not require sight correction, wearing the right size pair of contact lenses for your eyes and handling them correctly is still vital.

Choosing the right colour for your eyes

Just like when you want to change your hair colour but aren’t sure which colour will suit you best, there a few things to consider when deciding what colour of contact lenses to choose.

These include:

  • skin tone
  • hair colour
  • predominant colours of your clothes.

Choosing the right colour for dark eyes

If you have dark coloured eyes and want a natural looking change, opt for our hazel or grey coloured contact lenses. However, if you want something a bit more dramatic that will stand out and get noticed, why not try our blue or green coloured contacts?

Find out more about our contact lenses.

Buy coloured contact lenses

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