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Medical Advice Disclaimer -We are pleased to provide you with general information about contact lenses and supply you contact lenses as per your Optometrist's Contact Lens prescription. We are not able to answer questions about your personal health, which Contact Lenses may or may not be suitable for your eyes or treatment regimes. Please consult your eyecare professional.

  • I am aware that contact lens wear carries certain risks.
  • I understand the correct way to care for my lenses, and that this will reduce the risk of complications.
  • I understand the wearing schedule and replacement schedule for my lenses, and that varying these schedules can increase the risk of complications.
  • I understand the importance of continuing care and regular check-ups.
  • I understand that I need to contact my optometrist if I have any problems with my lenses.
  • I understand that if I notice any excessive watering of my eyes, any redness, any blurring, or any increased sensitivity to glare, I am to immediately remove my contact lenses and contact my usual eyecare practitioner or immediately seek medical advice.
  • I understand that Radley Optical/Image Eyewear Pty Ltd or eyesOnline can take no responsibility for complications arising from misuse of any contact lenses purchased from this website.