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Tips for travelling with contact lenses

Tips for travelling with contact lensesIt’s finally here! That holiday you’ve been waiting for! You’ve saved some money. You’ve been eagerly crossing days off your calendar. You’ve fantasised about sipping cocktails and walking on the beach. And now it’s time to hit the wide-open road, or skies—depending on where you’re off to.

The last thing you want is for your contact lenses to ruin your holiday. When travelling, something seemingly minor with your contact lenses can become major pretty quickly. Because, let’s face it, if you can’t see properly, it’s going to be pretty hard to enjoy yourself! And, depending how bad your normal eyesight is, not being able to see properly in a foreign country, by yourself, could turn dangerous very quickly. So, to make sure you have a good time on your holiday, here are some tips for travelling with contact lenses.

1. Take plenty of contact lens solution

Packing ‘light’ is a great way to travel, but don’t try to save space by only taking 1 bottle of contact lens solution. In all the excitement of travelling—rushing from one place to the next—a bottle of lens cleaning solution is an easy thing to misplace or leave behind. It’s probably not something you’ve thought or worried about at home, as you can get more solution pretty easily. But it’s an entirely different scenario if you’re travelling somewhere you’ve never been before.


  • Take at least 2 bottles of contact lens solution.
  • Buy smaller, travel-size bottles.
  • Consider switching to daily disposable contact lenses while travelling so you don’t have to worry about lens solution.

2. Buy a contact lens travel kit

You never know when you’re going to need to tend to your contact lenses while travelling and, chances are, when you do need something, you will have left it back at the hotel room, or ‘in another bag’.

Contact lens travel kits make things so much easier. They’re usually small enough so you can just slip them into a handbag, man-bag, or part of a backpack.

3. Take all your contact lens information

Hopefully you’ll have a drama-free holiday and never need to even look at it—but you’ll kick yourself if you go travelling without all your contact lens information, especially if you’re headed overseas.

Often the unexpected happens when travelling—good and bad—so it’s always smart to be prepared, particularly with something as important as your vision.


  • Take your current contact lens prescription.
  • Make sure you’ve got your optometrist’s contact details handy.
  • If you’re travelling overseas where they speak another language, prepare a few key phrases to be able to tell people if you need contact lenses.

4. Your eyeglasses might save you

When travelling, back-up plans can be your best friend. Even if you don’t like wearing your eyeglasses, being able to see properly is always better than not! And they may save you a lot of hassle if you lose your contact lenses or solution when you’re travelling. So dig them out of the drawer and get them ready for action.

Bon voyage!