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Where to buy sunglasses in Australia online

Where to buy sunglasses in Australia onlineEYESONLINE have a fantastic range of sunglasses available to purchase online at the absolute best prices. So if you’re looking to buy sunglasses in Australia, you’ve come to the right place!

We stock a range of leading brands of sunglasses for men and women. In fact, we’ve just expanded our range to include some very exciting new brands! Why buy sunglasses at inflated prices from a retail store? Shop online with EYESONLINE and save money. Find out about the many benefits of buying sunglasses online from us.

What brands of sunglasses do EYESONLINE sell?

We’re glad you asked. We’re very excited to announce that we’ve added some of the most popular, high-quality brands of sunglasses in the world to our range.

The EYESONLINE store now sells the following sunglasses:

There are also some selected products at reduced prices in our clearance section. Grab a bargain today!

Save money with EYESONLINE

Are you sick of buying overpriced sunglasses from retail stores?

Or perhaps you’re fed up with cheap imitation sunglasses that keep breaking?

Either way, you’re paying too much money for your sunglasses.

How come? Here’s the deal:

If you buy from a retail store, they have a lot of extra costs that we don’t have (staff, rent, electricity, etc.), so we can offer products at a cheaper price.

Or, if you’re the kind of person who buys the $20 sunglasses from the local petrol station (that somehow magically fall apart in a matter of days), you may end up buying 10 or more pairs a year.

At EYESONLINE we only stock authentic sunglasses that are built to last.

We also work very hard to ensure that our prices are better than any other retail or online store.

What about postage costs for sunglasses?

Are you worried that the money you save buying sunglasses online will be gobbled up by postage costs? Well not with EYESONLINE.

We offer free postage on all our sunglasses* (except for a few in our clearance section).

That’s right, as soon as we’ve processed your order, we’ll send your sunglasses to any address in Australia at no extra charge via a standard Australia Post service.

Alternatively, if you need your sunglasses pronto, we can post them via express post for only $15.90

* Free postage is offered on any order over $115.

More information

Find out more about EYESONLINE in the information and blog sections of our website.

Sunglasses on sale in Australia?

Need sunglasses on sale Australia?Are you looking for sunglasses on sale in Australia? If so, EYESONLINE have your back pocket (and your eyes) covered with fashionable sunglasses at irresistible prices.

We’ve just added some amazing brands to our range of online sunglasses. And to celebrate, we’re offering 20% off all sunglasses purchases! But only for the month of September 2016—so act fast!

Find out about our range of sunglasses as well as how to take advantage of our 20% off sale.

20% off all EYESONLINE sunglasses this September

We’re so excited about the new sunglasses we’ve added to our online store that we want to give you—our valued customers—a special introductory offer of 20% off.

How to get 20% off sunglasses with EYESONLINE

All you have to do to get our sunglasses on sale is head over to our online store and choose the product/s you want.

Each product page has an ‘Add to cart’ button. Click that, and then view your cart.

You’ll notice that 20% has been automatically deducted from your total. It’s as simple as that. No gimmicks, no annoying hoops to jump through—just a good old-fashioned sale.

Want free postage on your sunglasses too?

Yep, you read that right. At EYESONLINE, we don’t just have sunglasses on sale for the month of September, we’ll also post them out to you for free*.

Aside from a few heavily reduced items in our clearance section, all our sunglasses come with free postage.

We’ll post them out to any Australian address via a standard Australia Post service. Or, if you need them in a hurry, simply pay an extra $15.90 for an express post service.

* We offer free postage on any order more than $115.

What sunglasses do EYESONLINE stock?

Need sunglasses on sale Australia?Our fantastic range of sunglasses just got even better. It now includes leading brands from around the world. And all our sunglasses are 100% authentic.

We sell sunglasses for men and women from these brands:

And if you’re after an even bigger bargain, check out the remaining sunglasses from Ana Hickmann and Morrissey in the clearance section of our site.

When does the 20% off sale end?

Our 20% off sunglasses sale ends on 30 September 2016. So if you want to take advantage of these discount prices, you’ve got till the end of the month.

After that, our sunglasses will revert back to their normal prices. Which, mind you, are still cheaper than you’re likely to find in any retail store or other online store. And we’ll still offer free postage for most orders.